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First Time Visit?

A physicians will answer any questions/concerns you have prior to treatment, or read our guide for new patients and learn what to expect before you visit us.
Our Purpose: To bring about and maintain the fullest expression of health to all those we touch.

Our Mission: To care from the heart with compassion, intent, certainty and mastery. To formulate individual treatment programs to meet the specific needs and goals of each of our patients. To teach the principles of chiropractic and better health to all those we come in contact with.

The Community Chiropractic Care Message:

Our MessageOur dedication is to our patients. Our goal is not simply pain control, but in correction and working to educate and empower our patients to better care for themselves.

The principles of chiropractic are simple. The body is self-healing. If you restore normal function to the body and maintain that function, it will heal better. The foundation of chiropractic in addressing the whole person is critical. By recognizing the accumulation of physical, chemical and emotional stressors lead to its inevitable breakdown, we will strive to address all factors in relation to your individual health issues to better maximize healing potential. Realizing that most dysfunction and diseases are not an event, but rather a process, it is crucial to acknowledge that healing is also a process and will not happen immediately.

It is important to understand that health is not just the absence of sickness, or just "feeling good". Being healthy is more than eating right, exercise and a good night's sleep. It is the balance of mind, body, spirit.

Having been in practice over 25 years we have developed the clinical expertise to assess and care for a very broad spectrum of conditions. The goal is always to get patients to optimal function. The greatest doctor is within each one of us. Being able to assess all of the components impacting your well being is always the objective. We seek to wake the doctor within and restore health. It is time to live a little better. Let us start you on that journey.

Who's the Pro?

When it comes to injury, who's the pro? 

The "Pro" is proprioception:  pronounced pro/pre/ō/sep/shon.  This mouthful of word is fine tuning of healing.   After an injury, the body automatically initiates the healing process.  Proprioception dictates how musculoskeletal injuries heal. It gives specific position orientation.  An easy example is the "bad ankle" complaint. When you sprain an ankle badly once, it often becomes referred to as "my bad ankle" because you easily tend to roll and reinjure that ankle. A primary reason for this is poor proprioception.   Without addressing proprioception initially following an injury, you heal less than optimally and the body's read of position orientation and placement as you step is off just a bit, hence, repetitive re-injury.  This is the same with the "bad knee, bad back" or any healing joint in the body.  This is a piece of the uniqueness of chiropractic care. Each treatment, each adjustment, is in part about evaluation and restoring proprioception.  Medicine, massage, machines or weight training isn't going to do it, but Chiropractic will!   It's not just how you feel, but how you heal. Realize your fullest potential.  Try Chiropractic.

Westfield Office

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